About Marjolein Leguijt

    About Marjolein

    ‘I studied at the Zen Shiatsu School in Amsterdam. During my studies I found out that shiatsu gives me the possibility to look at a human being as a whole: body and spirit. Shiatsu has a different meaning for each client. Some experience it as a purely physical therapy: to help the body to recover from specific ailments. It gives other people support in a difficult times of change. It makes them aware of the hidden and blocked parts of one’s self, to regain strength and creativity or simply to let go of the stress of everyday life and experiencing a deep form of relaxation. For me personally shiatsu allows me to meet people, get to know them and work together with them on improving the balance in their health and their life. Each client can count on my sincere intention that will be fully focused on their unique situation.’