Shiatsu works for everybody, irrespective of one’s age and one’s ailments. It is also beneficial for people without physical or emotional problems: they too will be able to experience shiatsu’s vitalizing effects. It improves one’s physical and spiritual awareness, it will make one feel at home in one’s own body and it will put oneself with both feet on the ground. Shiatsu seeks to treat the body as a whole and it can help to soothe and to remedy (longterm) ailments. The receiver often also experiences an improvement in his/her general health and outlook.

    Shiatsu can help with getting in touch with oneself and with becoming aware of emotional and psychological patterns. It also helps with adjusting to lifestyle changes, including, coping with long-term illness, recovery from addiction, a distorted image of one’s body, burn-out, a lack of basic self-confidence and recuperation of shock and trauma.

    Shiatsu can complement traditional talking therapies such as psychotherapy or counseling.

    Shiatsu can benefit symptoms such as:

    • • Improving overall health and well-being.
    • • Preventative measure for many common ailments.
    • • Restoring the natural balance between body and spirit.
    • • Being more in touch with one’s body and self.
    • • Relaxation of stress related complaints.


    The following conditions are commonly treated with shiatsu:

    • • Musculair and joint complaints to neck, shoulders and limbs.
    • • Headaches, migraines.
    • • Tiredness, lethargy or low energy.
    • • Skin problems.
    • • Respiratory illnesses including asthma and bronchitis.
    • • Sleeping disorders.
    • • Menstrual and menopausal symptoms, pregnancy.
    • • Digestive disorders.

    Naturally, this list is not complete. So when you are not sure if shiatsu can be of help to you, please feel free to contact me to enquire about treatment for particular conditions. Shiatsu is complementary to mainstream Western medicine, but not meant as an alternative to a visit to the GP, the physiotherapist or the specialist.